Dear Friends, Peace to you!

I’m happy to announce that I’m launching a new organization called “The Beatitudes Center for the Nonviolent Jesus,” and a new website at www.beatitudescenter.org

I’ll be offering online zoom workshops, classes, and retreats there about Gospel nonviolence. I invite you to check out my new organization, register for some programs, and tell your friends about it.

May the God of peace bless us to become Beatitude people and Gospel peacemakers!

—Fr. John

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October, 2021

The Trouble with Our State

by Daniel Berrigan Edited by John Dear www.wipfandstock.com
March, 2020

PRAISE BE PEACE: The Psalms of Peace and Nonviolence in a Time of War and Climate Change

Introduction to “Praise Be Peace” By John Dear Driving north along California’s Highway One from my little hermitage beside the Pacific Ocean near the village of Harmony to Big Sur and its mountaintop New Camaldoli monastery, I feel a lightness of spirit amidst the breath-taking scenery and the fresh ocean […]
December, 2017

They Will Inherit the Earth

Peace & Nonviolence in a Time of Climate Change. To order, go to www.amazon.com or www.orbisbooks.com or call 1-800-258-5838. Advance Praise for “They Will Inherit the Earth”   “If you want to know what Laudato Si! and the Sermon on the Mount look like up close and personal, as a life of consistent nonviolence, John […]
December, 2017

Radical Prayers

On peace, love and nonviolence. To order, go to www.amazon.com  or www.paceebene.org or call 1-510-268-8765. In this beautiful new book of prayers, Rev. John Dear offers fifty prayers on peace, love and nonviolence that we can turn to every day to help us on our journey of peace. Radical Prayers offers prayers of thanks and […]
June, 2016

The Beatitudes of Peace

“The Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount are Jesus’ blueprint for peace. I urge everyone to study John Dear’s beautiful reflections and join his campaign of peace and nonviolence.” – President Jimmy Carter “In this beautiful book, Father John Dear describes the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount […]
May, 2015

Thomas Merton, Peacemaker:

“The God of peace is never glorified by human violence,” Thomas Merton wrote long ago. Likewise, John Dear adds, “The God of peace is always glorified by human nonviolence.” In “Thomas Merton, Peacemaker,” John Dear reflects on the teachings of peace and nonviolence by the great Trappist monk and author […]
January, 2015

Walking The Way

Following Jesus on the Lenten Journey of Gospel Nonviolence to the Cross and Resurrection In “WALKING THE WAY,” John Dear invites us to meditate on the nonviolence of Jesus, as he turns to march to Jerusalem, like Mahatma Gandhi on the Salt March or Dr. King from Selma. We walk […]
September, 2013

The Nonviolent Life

“How can we become people of nonviolence and help the world become more nonviolent? What does it mean to be a person of active nonviolence? How can we help build a global grassroots movement of nonviolence to disarm the world, relieve unjust human suffering, make a more just society and […]
September, 2013

The Nonviolent Life (Audio Book)

“How can we become people of nonviolence and help the world become more nonviolent? What does it mean to be a person of active nonviolence? How can we help build a global grassroots movement of nonviolence to disarm the world, relieve unjust human suffering, make a more just society and […]
November, 2011

Lazarus, Come Forth!

The raising of Lazarus in John s Gospel is one of the most dramatic and poignant episodes in scripture. While traditionally read as a story about friendship and faith, Dear shows through his extended meditations how this story summarizes the persistent theme of the Gospel. If Lazarus represents humanity, the […]
November, 2009

The Questions of Jesus: Challenging Ourselves to Discover Life’s Great Answers

Most people think of Jesus as the one with all the answers. John Dear’s new book, “The Questions of Jesus,” suggests that Jesus is instead the one with all the questions, questions which have remained unanswered for two thousand years. In this new collection, John offers a 2-3 page reflection […]
November, 2009

Daniel Berrigan: Essential Writings

Through this selection from his many books, journals, poems, and homilies, a chronicle of Fr. Berrigan’s life and work unfolds from the early steps in his vocation, to his decision to cross the line and go to prison, his ongoing witness for peace, and his extraordinary commentaries on scripture and […]
November, 2009

A Persistent Peace: An Autobiography

November, 2009

Jesus the Rebel: Bearer of God’s Peace and Justice

Jesus the Rebel explores the life of Jesus from the perspective of active nonviolence, and includes stories from John Dear’s own journey to oppose war and violence and promote Jesus’ way of peace and nonviolence. With over thirty chapters, it reflects on the peacemaking side of Jesus’ life, in a […]
November, 2009

Living Peace: A Spirituality of Contemplation and Action

Living Peace meditates on the contemplative life of inner peacemaking as well as the active life of public peacemaking. It features three parts: “The Depths of Peace,” a section on the inner journey toward personal peace through prayer, silence, solitude, listening, imagining God and mindfulness; “The Heights of Peace,” a […]
November, 2009

The God of Peace: Toward a Theology of Nonviolence

The God of Peace, John Dear’s classic theology of nonviolence, broke new ground when it was first published in 1995 as a breakthrough toward a new understanding of scripture, theology, social concerns and churches issues–looking at them from the perspective of Gospel nonviolence, in the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin […]
November, 2009


“This book is a clarion call for us to be engaged in the project for world peace. We ignore it at our peril.” –Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in his foreword “Transfiguration: A Meditation on Transforming Ourselves and Our World” (published by Doubleday in 2007, with a foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu) […]
November, 2009

You Will Be My Witnesses

“You Will Be My Witnesses” is a collection of essays based on the magnificent icons of Fr. William Hart McNichols. Over thirty colorful icons of various saints, prophets and martyrs are featured, including Mary Magadelene, St. Francis, St. Clare, and St. Ignatius to Dorothy Day, Jean Donovan, Mychal Judge and […]
November, 2009

Put Down Your Sword

“Put Down Your Sword” features inspiring essays on Christian nonviolence by John Dear. First, John invites us to consider the nonviolence of Jesus, the Beatitudes, the nature of God and the mystery of the resurrection. Then, he shares stories from recent protests and journals from recent missions to India and […]
November, 2009

Peace Behind Bars: A Peacemaking Priest’s Journey from Jail

This journal, taken when John Dear was in jail for eight months after a disarmament action, allows you to enter into the world of prisoners and a committed peacemaker. Available from: Sheed & Ward Amazon.com www.forusa.org
November, 2009

Mary of Nazareth, Prophet of Peace

Mary of Nazareth made the difficult but beautiful journey from contemplative nonviolence to active nonviolence to prophetic nonviolence. She was faithful to the God of peace and the journey to God. She loved God, loved her neighbors and in her prophetic call for justice, loved her enemies. She was a […]
November, 2009

Mohandas Gandhi: Essential Writings

“A timely book that will go a long way in understanding Gandhi’s approach to nonviolence. A must read for all peacemakers.” — Arun Gandhi “John Dear, who writes that Gandhi’s example challenges us to become prophets and apostles of nonviolence, organizes the short sections thematically, arranging them around issues such […]
February, 2009

John Dear on Peace: An Introduction to His Life and Work

“John Dear on Peace is not intended to capture all that John’s writings teach. This is simply an introduction to an authentic gospel approach to peace, a way of active nonviolence that John lives and invites others to enter. Each reflection leads readers to the books from which the material […]
April, 2008

Seeds of Nonviolence

Originally published in 1992 by Fortkamp Publishing Co., the critically acclaimed Seeds of Nonviolence chronicles John Dear’s early experiments in Gospel nonviolence, from his service to the homeless in Washington, D.C.; various nonviolent civil disobedience actions against war and injustice; journals and diaries from Central America, the Philippines, death row, […]
March, 2008

DVD Movie about John Dear: “The Narrow Path”

From the Director… “Father Dear is a celebrated peace activist and the author of over twenty books; he also served as a chaplain ministering to the families of those killed on September 11th at the World Trade Center.  His life’s story has been a journey into the radical message of […]
March, 2008

The Sound of Listening: A Retreat Journal from Thomas Merton’s Hermitage

Available from Wipf and Stock publishers. To order, call: 1-541-344-1528. See also: www.wipfandstock.com “It’s a real soul art to be engaged in fever pitch in social action and to be a contemplative, too. In these pages, John Dear, the activist, brings us to the still, dark places where he wrestles […]
March, 2008

The Vision of Peace

Foreword by John Dear The Vision of Peace, edited by John Dear, features the first ever collection of writings by Mairead Corrigan Maguire, the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize Winner from Belfast. To order, go to: http://www.amazon.com
March, 2008

Testimony: The Word Made Fresh by Daniel Berrigan

Edited with a foreword by John Dear In word and deed, whether in courts, jail cells, classrooms, or chapels, Daniel Berrigan has proclaimed the Word of God: ‘Blessed are teh peacemakers.’ That testimony rings loud and clear in this collection of recent writings on peace, faith, and the imperative of […]