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“The Sacrament of Civil Disobedience”
Revised 2022 Edition, with new foreword by Shane Claiborne,
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Unveiling Jesus

Forty years ago, I spent a memorable evening in an inner-city church in Washington, D.C. with Coretta Scott King. She spoke from her heart to a small group of us about Dr. King, the power of nonviolence, Jesus’ way of agape, and that great day, August 28th, 1963, when hundreds of thousands of people, black and white, marched on Washington, D.C. When she looked out over the crowd that hot summer afternoon, she said, it looked to her like the reign of God. It was, to paraphrase Dr. King, an unveiling of the beloved community.

My Conversation with Rev. James Lawson

(I first met my friend Civil Rights leader Rev. James Lawson in the L.A. Jail in January, 1990 after protesting US military aid to El Salvador. In 1998, he hired me to be the director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Over the years we have spoken at many events together, including on “Democracy Now.” This is an edited transcript of a zoom conversation we had on October 2, 2021 for the Beatitudes Center. Jim Lawson recently published his first book, “Revolutionary Nonviolence”)

My Long Lost Conversation with John Lewis

Last summer, after Congressman John Lewis died, I posted a photo on social media of me and John from a memorable afternoon we spent together in his congressional office. It was 26 years ago. We had talked for a while, and then filmed a formal conversation on nonviolence.

Needless to say, it was one of the greatest days of my exciting life.

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“Nonviolence,” a new 147 page special edition
of Richard Rohr’s journal Oneing, now available from

John Dear on “Democracy Now” talking about Thich Nhat Hanh and Archbishop Tutu 

“Jesus was totally nonviolent and calls us to practice and teach Gospel nonviolence and welcome God’s reign of peace and nonviolence, which means from now on, we work for the abolition of war, poverty, racism, gun violence, the death penalty, nuclear weapons, environmental destruction, and all violence.” – Fr. John Dear

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