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Walking The Way

Following Jesus on the Lenten Journey
of Gospel Nonviolence to the
Cross and Resurrection

In “WALKING THE WAY,” John Dear invites us to meditate on the nonviolence of Jesus, as he turns to march to Jerusalem, like Mahatma Gandhi on the Salt March or Dr. King from Selma. We walk with Jesus as he practices nonviolence and sends the 72 disciples out on their own campaign of nonviolence.

We follow the nonviolent Jesus on this Lenten journey into Jerusalem where he engages in civil disobedience in the Temple, offers bread and wine as his body and blood, prays in Gethsemani, commands us to put down our swords, and suffers betrayal, denial, arrest, torture and execution in a spirit of steadfast nonviolence. Then we will reflect on the ongoing nonviolence of the risen Jesus, who comes back to make breakfast for his disciples and then send them out again into the world of violence and war on the mission of nonviolence and peace.

Includes questions for personal reflection and small group discussion at the end of each chapter. Ideal for meditation during the forty days of Lent.

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