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The God of Peace: Toward a Theology of Nonviolence

The God of Peace, John Dear’s classic theology of nonviolence, broke new ground when it was first published in 1995 as a breakthrough toward a new understanding of scripture, theology, social concerns and churches issues–looking at them from the perspective of Gospel nonviolence, in the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Dorothy Day.

This ground-breaking study begins with the culture of violence, the nonviolence of God, and the revolutionary nonviolence of Jesus. From this start, John Dear explores traditional areas of theology, such as Christology, Trinitarian theology, anthropology, sin, redemption, theodicy, salvation, ecclesiology, eschatology, spirituality, liturgy, Catholic social teaching, the ‘just war theory’,feminism, liberation theology and the consistent ethic of life. This text will help university and theology students pursuing the theology and spirituality of nonviolence, as well as ordinary Christians and activists interested in the crucial connection between war and violence, and God and nonviolence. It is the only serious examination of a theology of Christian nonviolence in print today.

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“John Dear has lived the ‘Peace of God’ for many years. This book offers the theological and spiritual foundation for such a life. It may be the book that will convince all believers that our God is a God of nonviolence and peace. In our violent world, there is no more important message.”
— Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Detroit, Michigan
“A pioneering effort to use nonviolence as a lens for bringing all the traditional topics of theology into a new focus in our age of global violence.”
— Bishop Walter Sullivan, Richmond, Virginia
“We have here a breakthrough of note: a modern version of an ancient summa, gathering between two covers the traditional subjects of theological inquiry: Trinity, Christology, Church and so on. John Dear’s book will serve us greatly.”
— Rev. Daniel Berrigan, S.J., New York City
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