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DVD Movie about John Dear: “The Narrow Path”

From the Director…
“Father Dear is a celebrated peace activist and the author of over twenty books; he also served as a chaplain ministering to the families of those killed on September 11th at the World Trade Center.  His life’s story has been a journey into the radical message of the Gospel and Jesus’ instruction to love our enemies.  Of  course, many Christians ignore Christ’s directive.  But not John dear.  Following in the footsteps of the great apostles of nonviolence – Oscar Romero and Daniel and Philip Berrian – John Dear, who has been arrested and imprisoned over 75 times, crisscrosses the country and the world tirelessly preaching the message of the nonviolent Jesus.  Sadly, this film will upset and disturb many people.  But the Gospel is disturbing, if you take it seriously.  Making the film changed the lives of those who made it, and I pray it changes the lives of many who watch it. “

With music by Jackson Brown & Joan Baez.
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