The Sacrament of Civil Disobedience

"The Sacrament of Civil Disobedience" Revised 2022 Edition, with new foreword by Shane Claiborne, Available on amazon, in the U.K.  To order, visit:

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The Trouble with Our State

“The Trouble with Our State,” Poetry by Daniel Berrigan, Edited by John Dear (available at

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They Will Inherit the Earth

Peace & Nonviolence in a Time of Climate Change. To order, go to or or call 1-800-258-5838. Advance Praise for “They Will Inherit the Earth”   “If you want to know…

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Radical Prayers

On peace, love and nonviolence. To order, go to  or or call 1-510-268-8765. In this beautiful new book of prayers, Rev. John Dear offers fifty prayers on peace, love and nonviolence…

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The Beatitudes of Peace

"The Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount are Jesus' blueprint for peace. I urge everyone to study John Dear's beautiful reflections and join his campaign of peace and nonviolence."…

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Thomas Merton, Peacemaker:

"The God of peace is never glorified by human violence," Thomas Merton wrote long ago. Likewise, John Dear adds, "The God of peace is always glorified by human nonviolence." In…

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Walking The Way

Following Jesus on the Lenten Journey of Gospel Nonviolence to the Cross and Resurrection In “WALKING THE WAY,” John Dear invites us to meditate on the nonviolence of Jesus, as…

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The Nonviolent Life

"How can we become people of nonviolence and help the world become more nonviolent? What does it mean to be a person of active nonviolence? How can we help build…

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