September, 2015

Dear friends,

Last month, hundreds of us gathered for the Campaign Nonviolence National Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was a powerful, exciting event!

We heard from Dr. King’s friend and associate Rev. Jim Lawson, Professor Erica Chenoweth, activists Kathy Kelly, Medea Benjamin, Jay Coghlan, Bud Ryan, Buddhist leader Roshi Joan Halifax, and Pueblo leaders Marian Naranjo and Beata Tsosie Pena.

Before the conference on August 6th, and afterwards on August 9th, hundreds of us gathered at Los Alamos to walk, sit, and rally for nuclear disarmament on the 70th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We put our nonviolence into action, took to the streets, and spoke out for a vision of a nuclear free world.

The conference and the Los Alamos peace vigils were all professionally filmed! You can watch them now on You Tube, and I hope you will!

I want to thank all the many people who helped make these great days possible, from Ryan and the Pace e Bene staff, and the many local volunteers who pitched in. Thanks, too, to Yoko Ono and John Cusack who tweeted to their fans, encouraging them to watch us live. Also, the “New York Times” wrote a long feature article about our Los Alamos peace witness, on August 8th, which you can see here (go to “Press”). Please visit our website to learn more about these days:

The following week, I drove to Denver and visited with my friend Jackson Browne, the great musician, to ask his help in support of our Campaign Nonviolence grassroots project.

Then, on August 26th, I traveled to Plains, Georgia to visit former President Jimmy Carter in his home. He recently announced that he is suffering from cancer in his liver and brain, but he asked to meet with me nonetheless.

What a blessing to spend time with the great peacemaker, Jimmy Carter! We talked about nonviolence, my work, Palestine, Korea, Campaign Nonviolence, Jesus and the Kingdom of God. I left wishing I had more time to learn from this seasoned peacemaker. I urge everyone to join me in praying for President Carter, for his healing and peace, and to carry on his mission of peace.

This month, we launch our second national week of actions, starting on September 20th. As of this date, at the beginning of the month, we have over 225 actions planned in all 50 states. We are thrilled that people will be standing up, taking to the streets, and speaking out, as we have been proposing, on all the issues-against war, poverty, racism, nuclear weapons and environmental destruction-and for Dr. King’s vision of a new culture of peace and nonviolence. You can read the list of all the amazing actions on our website. If you are able to organize an event, please do so, and register it at:

Thanks for all you do for peace! May the God of peace bless us all!

–Father John