October, 2016

Dear friends, Peace be with you!


As Election Day approaches, I invite us to ponder the politics of God. God’s politics don’t make the national news, but for me, they are the only ones that count. They are the politics we are summoned to practice every day for the rest of our lives, come what may.


Gandhi once said, “The reign of God is nonviolence.” God’s politics, I conclude with Gandhi, are the politics of nonviolence. Living out God’s politics of nonviolence means working publicly to end war, poverty, hunger, racism, police killings, sexism, torture, executions, drone attacks, nuclear weapons and environmental destruction.


We rarely hear about these things in the corporate media and the institutional church. You would never know that the U.S. is bombing 7 nations at the moment, funding a massive arms trade, ignoring global starvation and extreme poverty yet building up our nuclear arsenal and continuing environmental destruction. The candidates serve Wall Street, the Pentagon, the military contractors, the oil companies, the one percent and the status quo of global systemic injustice.


Still, Donald Trump’s evil statements and attitude are especially shocking. His sociopathic narcissism and history of sexual assault are horrific. They reveal the dark side of wealthy white privileged men in America—the sexist, racist, public bullying of Reagan, George W. Bush, Cheney, David Duke and so many others.


As we try to pursue the politics of nonviolence and work for a new culture of peace, we need to renounce this bully culture, and our own personal bullying, and be converted to Jesus’ way of compassion, love, non-retaliation, and peace.


From now on, we try not to hurt others, brow beat others, mock others, yell at others, marginalize others, or kill anyone.  I think we have a racist, sexist culture of global bullying, and we all need to be converted to the way of Jesus, the way of the Gospel.


Nonviolence is still the most important, albeit the most mocked and neglected, calling of humanity by the God of peace. I will continue to call for it and teach it and organize it as long as I live, despite the bullying I continue to receive for my public Gospel work. I invite everyone to join this campaign as the basis of your spiritual practice.


Last month, my friends and I at Pace e Bene organized 758 events, actions and demonstrations through our national Campaign Nonviolence week of action. Each event is documented atwww.campaignnonviolence.org. I hope you will read them. They are a sign of the Holy Spirit’s movement among us. Next year, we hope for 1000 events. Please join us!


But we are a small staff with little money and rely solely on individual donations to survive, so please consider a generous contribution to support our work. Thank you for giving whatever you can! Visit: www.paceebene.org.


May the God of peace and nonviolence bless us all,

Yours in peace,

—Fr. John