November, 2017

On the Road to Peace

A Monthly Newsletter from Fr. John

November, 2017

Dear friends,In early December, my new book, Radical Prayers: on peace, love & nonviolence, will be published by and available there and on

The times are so terrible, I found myself writing prayers on every tough political issue of our time—prayers for an end to racism, poverty, war, nuclear weapons, environmental destruction; prayers for the hungry and the poor, for prisoners and the dying, for the creatures and Mother Earth; and most importantly, a closing prayer for humanity’s conversion to “total nonviolence.”

I also have a long introductory essay on the connection between prayer and nonviolence.

I hope you find this collection of prayers helpful and inspiring. Perhaps you might order several copies to give to friends and family as Christmas presents.

Here below is an example of my latest book. Thank you so much!

Let us continue to beg the God of peace for a new world of peace!

–Fr. John


Help Me To Serve The Global Grassroots Movement Of Nonviolence

Dear God,
Help me to serve your reign of peace
by serving the global grassroots movement of nonviolence
for the coming of your reign of peace here on earth.
Make me an instrument of your peace,
that I might do my small part to help abolish
war, poverty, hunger, executions, nuclear weapons,
systemic injustice and environmental destruction,
to make your nonviolent reign of peace more palpable everywhere.
But more, help me when I’m discouraged,
when I think there’s no hope,
when I give up on others and give up on myself,
when I sense the dread of despair and apathy sneaking up on me.
Raise me up, keep me going, use me for your work for justice and peace,
and most of all, keep me faithful to the lifelong journey of justice and peace.
Let my entire life be a struggle for justice and peace,
one long campaign for a new world of nonviolence.
Let my life bear tremendous good fruit for others,
and inspire others to join that struggle.
Give me good cheer, a good heart,
a sense of humor, a spirit of peace and love,
and that revolutionary patience needed
for the lifelong long-haul work of peacemaking.
Help me like the saints and prophets of old
to live a full life in your service of justice and peace
that I may join them one day in that place
where the nonviolent revolution has come true and is permanent,
that together, we might all praise you and your boundless peace.