November, 2016

Dear friends, Peace be with you!

Now that Donald Trump has been declared the winner of the presidential election, we have to face the fact that things are going to get much worse, and so, we are going to have to dig deeper into our faith and our nonviolence, and get even more involved in the struggle for justice and peace.

Our President elect is a racist, sexist, Islamphobe who threatens to increase our military spending and wars, to expel millions, to close the EPA and cancel all efforts to halt climate change, to cut services to the poor, for healthcare, for schools, and even to use nuclear weapons.

We, on the other hand, reject every act of violence and injustice. We take quality time for prayer and meditation, we grieve the suffering of the poor and the destruction of creation, and we redouble our efforts for justice and peace. We are not going to give up. We cannot afford the luxury of despair. We carry on, stronger than ever!

Please take some new action for justice and peace. Ask your church to start a peace and justice group. Join a vigil or a protest. Bring in a speaker. Give away books on justice, peace and nonviolence. Host a nonviolence training. Get involved locally with the grassroots movements for justice and peace. Make a donation to a peace and justice group. We need to support the grassroots movements for justice and peace if we are to stand up and resist the increasing systemic injustice and violence that is about to be unleashed.

Sitting back and doing nothing does not help, nor does it reflect our discipleship to the nonviolent Jesus or our call to be peacemakers. We have to take a deep breath, remain centered and mindful, and do what we can to help build the movements of nonviolence on behalf of the poor, the children, the earth itself.

Recently, I visited the Standing Rock campaign in North Dakota, where the indigenous people have been struggling nonviolently to block the evil pipeline. It is one of the great Gandhian style satyagraha campaigns of our times, and they especially need our support after this election. In effect, we are all Standing Rock people now. We all have to give our lives for the poor, the children, and Mother Earth.

At Campaign Nonviolence, we are committed to digging in for the long haul, carrying on our great projects, and working harder than ever to resist systemic violence and promote a new culture of nonviolence. We continue to build our national week of action for 1000 actions next September, to promote “nonviolent cities,” to hold nonviolence trainings and to teach and promote nonviolence around the nation and the world. But we need help, including your financial contributions. See: Thank you for any help you can give!

1I hope we can all keep our eyes on the nonviolent Jesus, remain in his Holy Spirit of peace, and continue the journey of loving nonviolence that we are called to live, come what may. In that spirit of peace, love, and nonviolent action, we find strength to continue the work that we have been asked to do. In doing so, we can be beacons of light in a time of darkness.

May the God of peace bless you abundantly,

Fr. John