New DVD on Hiroshima, Los Alamos, & Nuclear Disarmament

Pax Christi New Mexico has gone into the movie business! Our coordinator, Bud Ryan, has put together a remarkable, powerful new DVD featuring our annual “Sackcloth and Ashes” Hiroshima Day action at Los Alamos, NM. This 40 minute documentary is perfect for local groups, parishes, and classrooms. I hope everyone will order a copy and share it with friends and churchgoers.

“Hiroshima: Repentance and Renewal” takes us to Hiroshima and Nagasaki to see for ourselves the legacy of the U.S atomic bombings, and the museums which call for nuclear disarmament. It highlights the witness of Nagasaki victim, Takaishi Nagai, including recent footage of his home, and his call for nuclear disarmament.

Then we go to Los Alamos, birthplace of the bomb, where the nuclear business is booming, where U.S. museums glorify nuclear weapons and celebrate the incineration of hundreds of thousands in 1945. Along the way, we hear from Bud, Kathy Kelly, Dave Robinson, Hiroshima victims, the mayor of Santa Fe, and other voices for peace.

In particular, we hear from my friend Mairead Maguire, the Nobel Laureate from Belfast, speaking in Albuquerque after I drove her up into the mountains to Los Alamos to show her the birthplace and center of the world’s demonic nuclear weapons industry. “How far we have traveled from Jesus,” she says sadly in the film.

With the recent revelation of a near detonation of a nuclear bomb one hundred times bigger than the Hiroshima bomb at the Pantex facility in Texas, and with the Bush administration’s talk about not allowing some nations to have weapons of mass destruction while maintaining the world’s largest arsenal, the work of nuclear disarmament is as important as ever. This timely, professional DVD inspires us to pursue that vision of a world without nuclear weapons, to be part of the growing global grassroots disarmament movement. All of us need to be involved in this Gospel struggle of nonviolence for the rest of our lives.

The DVD can be ordered from Pax Christi USA,
or by calling 505-264-2838. The ten dollar fee will be used to make more copies of the film and spread the mission of nuclear abolition.

The best part of this DVD is that it doesn’t leave us hopeless. It features our annual witness at Los Alamos, where Pax Christi New Mexico, which now has a dozen active groups and five hundred members, organizes a public vigil for disarmament every August. Yes, we must vigil against the Iraq war, and continue to go to the annual School of the Americas protest in November. But Los Alamos is preparing the destruction of the planet. It is the institutionalized locale of the world’s ultimate evil.

Perhaps the film will inspire Pax Christi members nationwide to come to New Mexico next August 3rd-4th, where once again hundreds of us will converge on Los Alamos, put on custom-made sackcloth, pour ashes on the sidewalks, and sit in silent prayer for thirty minutes to repent of the mortal sin of war and nuclear weapons and beg God for the gift of disarmament and peace. To learn about our campaign, get the DVD, show it to friends, and spread the Gospel message: No More Hiroshimas!