Websites on Peace and Justice suggested by Fr. John Dear

Campaign Nonviolence, and Pace e Bene, the Peace Group John Dear works with and

Essays on Nonviolence, updated daily:

The Fellowship of Reconciliation, interfaith peace organization:

The Catholic Worker movement:

Thomas Merton, monk and peacemaker:

Mairead Maguire and the peace movement in Northern Ireland:

Henri Nouwen, writings and society:

Thich Nhat Hanh, writings and retreats,

Sister Joan Chittister, writings and schedule,

Charles McCarthy, essays on Christian Nonviolence,

Franz Jagerstatter, Austrian farmer killed for refusing to fight for the Nazis,

Richard Rohr and the Center for Contemplation and Action,

Dr. Paul Farmer, Partners In Health, and medical work on behalf of the world’s poor,

Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta and the United Farm Workers,

The War Resisters League:

The Nuclear Resister, monthly update on all civil disobedience actions against war and nuclear weapons,

Colman McCarthy’s Class on Nonviolence,

Orbis Books, publisher of great books on peace, justice, theology, and spirituality,

“Democracy Now,” national radio show, featuring Amy Goodman,

“Voices for Creative Nonviolence,” a campaign to end US warmaking in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, which features the work of John’s friend, Kathy Kelly.

The Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space:

Colombia Support Network, a solidarity group based in Wisconsin which promotes “a nonviolent, negotiated resolution to the conflict in Colombia,” and raises awareness about the U.S.-backed war in Colombia. John has long been an advisory board member, and recently journeyed to Colombia with this group:

Haiti Solidarity Groups:
The Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti,

The U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation of Palestine,

Bat Shalom, Jerusalem Center for Women,

Call to Action, a national Catholic organization promoting the teachings of the Second Vatican Council:

The complete writings of Mahatma Gandhi:

Essays, information, and resources about Mahatma Gandhi:

Mahatma Gandhi and the Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence:

Religious books and spiritual writers:

Dayton International Peace Museum, Dayton, Ohio (Fr. John Dear is an honorary trustee),

Working for Peace in Central America:

Ignatian Spirituality and Prayer:

William Hart McNichols’ Icons:

Brian Willson, writings:

Animal Rights and Vegetarianism:

Sister Helen Prejean and her work to abolish the death penalty:

Abolishing the Death Penalty, The Death Penalty Information Center:
Also, Equal Justice USA:
The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty:
Jubilee Campaign to abolish the death penalty:
Moratorium Campaign to abolish the death penalty:
People of Faith Against the Death Penalty:

Greenpeace at

Amnesty International: at

Sojourners magazine:

School of the Americas Watch:

The Nevada Desert Experience and the campaign to end nuclear weapons testing:

“United for Peace and Justice,” the national coalition of all national, regional and local peace and justice groups,

“September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows,” organized after 9/11 by family members who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001, but who stand against U.S. warmaking,

Peacework Magazine:

The Thomas Merton Center in Pittsburgh:

A complete list of all Plowshares anti-nuclear actions:

The UN Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence, Sponsored by all the Nobel Peace Laureates:

El Salvador solidarity:

“Agape Community,” a community of Christian nonviolence in Massachusetts:

Links to peace organizations around the world:

The Seamless Garment Network, working to abolish war, nuclear weapons, racism, sexism, the death penalty, consumerism, abortion and poverty:

The books and writings of Trappist monk and peacemaker Thomas Merton:

Promoting nuclear disarmament, the complete abolition of nuclear weapons: (England’s Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament); and

The book and film, “A Force More Powerful,” about the power of creative, active nonviolence.

The life of Peace Pilgrim, the nonviolent woman who walked across the U.S. several times, promoting peace.

Catholic Social Teachings and the “JustPeace” program:

The abolition of

Progressive News websites:

The Life of Nelson Mandela.

DATA, the campaign to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

“On the Line,” a documentary about peaceful resistance at the School of the Americas protest, featuring Fr. John Dear, Martin Sheen, Susan Sarandon, Fr. Roy Bourgeois, and Helen Prejean,

The Los Alamos Study Group, a campaign to disarm Los Alamos Nuclear Weapons Laboratories in New Mexico.

Nonviolent Peaceforce, an international organization that sends teams trained in nonviolence into war zones to build peace, New England Nonviolence Trainers Network,

Kirkridge Retreat Center, retreats on peace and justice near Stroudsburg, PA,

South African Peacemaking: The Capuchin Franciscan Peace Centre in Pretoria, South Africa,

The Peace Resource Center at Wilmington College, Wilmington, Ohio,

The Amazon Rainforest Action Network,

The Natural Resources Defense Council and Global Warming,

The Nobel Women’s Initiative, projects of peacemaking women who have won the Nobel peace prize,

Swarthmore College Peace Collection, largest archives of national peace groups and peacemakers, started by Jane Addams, includes the papers of Fr. John Dear,