February, 2016

Dear Friends,


Peace be with you!

As we begin the Holy Season of Lent, I have three invitations for you.

First, I have written a series of Lenten essays for the Sunday and Holy Day readings for Lent and Easter, starting February 7th, Ash Wednesday, and going through the Second Sunday of Easter, April 10th. They are available from “Education for Justice,” a project of the Center of Concern, at www.educationforjustice.org called “Lenten Reflections 2016: Following Jesus on the Path of Nonviolence.” I hope you will register, sign up, and share the journey with me. Together, we will reflect on the seasonal readings to deepen our journey with the nonviolent Jesus on the road to peace.

Second, I hope you will buy and study my Lenten book from last year, “Walking the Way: Following Jesus on the Lenten Journey of Gospel Nonviolence from the Cross to Resurrection,” (23rd Publications), available from www.amazon.com. I think it’s one of my best books, with all my latest reflections on Jesus and the Gospels. Thank you for supporting my book.

Third, for the first time ever, I have prepared and filmed a webinar class called “Living Nonviolence,” available from www.paceebene.org. There will be six video classes starting Monday April 4th. Every Monday for six weeks, you will receive access to a 10 minute video of me discussing nonviolence. You can then send in email questions and comments, and by the end of that week, a journal/reflection on the questions I offer. You can watch the videos and take the class on your own, or with friends or your local peace group. To register, visit the website. You will find there outlines and further details about the classes. The price is $60, but goes up on March 1st, to $75. Registration closes on March 30th. I hope you will join us for this class on living nonviolence!

With the ongoing violence within and around us, the journey to nonviolence is more important than ever. Lent offers a great opportunity to renew our discipleship to the nonviolent Jesus and start anew our own peace work for a new, more just, more peaceful world.

May the God of peace bless you on your Lenten journey of peace with Jesus. Thank you for your support and your peacemaking lives.

–Fr. John