April, 2017

On the Road to Peace Monthly Newsletter

By Rev. John Dear


Dear friends,

This month, during Easter week, Arkansas is scheduled to execute eight men on death row in ten days. It is an unprecedented injustice in U.S. history, and people everywhere are working to stop it.

I will be in Little Rock that week giving a series of talks, attending the vigils, and supporting the Arkansas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. They asked me to write a prayer for a miracle that these horrific executions would not happen. Please join me and thousands of people in Arkansas to pray regularly for this Easter miracle. Here is the prayer below, with some links to articles and information about the situation.
Also, please send the petition to Governor Hutchinson asking him to stop these Easter week scheduled executions. Go to: www.arkansasabolish.org

May the God of clemency and resurrection have mercy on us all!
–Fr. John


A Prayer for the Arkansas Eight
Dear God of Clemency and Resurrection,
Thank you for the blessings of life and resurrection. This Easter week, eight men are scheduled to be executed in Arkansas.
Give us an Easter miracle that these executions will not happen, that these men may live.
The occasion for our particular protest was the 40th anniversary of the modern death penalty era.
I pledge to forgive and grant clemency to everyone who ever hurt me, and to practice nonviolence, so I beg you for the gift of clemency for these eight men.
Help us to abolish the death penalty in Arkansas and everywhere, and to work for a new culture of nonviolence, justice and reconciliation.
I ask this Easter prayer in the name of the risen, nonviolent Jesus. Amen.


Prayer by Fr. John Dear. Please distribute this prayer to church people every where, and post on social media. For more information, see the Arkansas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, visit www.arkansasabolish.org


New report by @FairPunishment : AR set to execute men with low IQ, mental illness, drunk lawyer http://fairpunishment.org/new-report-arkansass-executions/ #deathpenalty #8in10

Arkansas Update


Article by Shane Claiborne for the Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2017/04/05/arkansas-is-set-to-start-executing-eight-people-the-day-after-easter/www.arkansasabolish.org